Consignment FAQs

Who can be a consignor? How do I sign up?
Anyone! Swing by the store anytime with your gently used stuff.

What can I consign?
We accept womens clothing and formals, kids, and baby items that are in season.  We also consign handbags, wallets, purses, jewelry, and other items.  Contact the shop for more info on what we are currently taking.

How does the drop-off process work?
If it's your first time dropping off items for consignment, you will fill out a contract with contact info and sign that you understand the consignment agreement between you (the consignor) and Darling Orange.  We will then go through your items with you and return anything we cannot keep.  Don't be offended if we can't keep something!  We are constantly monitoring what's in season, what people are buying, and what people are not buying.

What do you do with my clothes/items after I leave them?
After you drop-off items, we will tag and price everything.  All your items get tagged with a unique barcode that will apply your portion of the sale to your account.

How do I get paid?
You get paid when your item sells.  For items under $50, the consignor earns 40% of the sale price and for items $50 and above, the consignor earns 50% of the sale price.  Once you have earned money, you can shop in-store or online with your consignor credit or request a paper check.  We do not give out cash or direct deposit at this time.

What happens if my item doesn't sell?
The consignment period for all items except formals is 90 days.  Our software is set to automatically roll items into store inventory after 97 days- that's the 90 day consignment period plus a 7 day grace period for pick up.  If you do not contact the store to pick-up your items before the 97th day, the items become store inventory.  From that point we will clearance them out or donate them.  We have a lot of inventory, so it's the consignor's responsibility to request a pick-up of items!

What about my formal?
As mentioned, formals earn 50% of the sale price.  Formals do not roll into store inventory and will not be clearanced or donated.  If a formal has been in the shop for a long time, we may contact you to pick it up.